Why buy coffee online from Barista Coffees?

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Welcome to Barista Coffees Coffee Shop, a new upstart for online coffee sales and we are a gourmet coffee shop based out of Paris, TX where you can buy coffee online anytime. Every day, we fulfill what our customers want by supplying them with freshly roasted bags of specialty gourmet coffee and delivering it right to their doorsteps. This is not what you get at your local or chain grocery store. When you buy coffee online from us, the quality of our coffees is better and if you visit our gourmet coffee shop, you will see the difference.

Irresistible and Delectable Coffees from around the world are what we offer at Barista Coffees. You’ve tried Starbuck’s and Green Mountain Coffee. The main thing you are missing with those larger brands is taste when you buy coffee online from them. What we are offering at our online store is not short on taste and our prices are either competitive or lower than our competition. Gourmet coffee is what you crave, but being overcharged for what you desire is not fair. We think our competition easily takes advantage of their customers, so we want to invite you to take a look at what we can offer you and see if our products are comparable, if not better than what you’ve seen elsewhere.

When you buy coffee online from us

At our online Gourmet Coffee Shop, we want you to know where the coffee beans are grown so when you buy from us, you know you are getting quality. From Kilimanjaro to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, we found the highest quality beans from around the world. We freshly roast our coffee and package it in heat-sealed valve bags after you buy coffee online from us, and immediately ship it to you from our online gourmet coffee shop. This is how you receive your coffee in the freshest condition. Our gourmet coffees are the best and the reason why they are the best is because our quality is different than the standard type you get at your grocery store. When you desire a cup, what is the first thing you think of? A good cup of coffee is pleasing to the senses, because it thrills your senses and provides you with enjoyment.

For anyone who enjoys drinking tea, we also carry a wide selection of teas including special blends of flavored teas and a variety of loose leaf teas and herbal tisanes, and tea accessories that you can buy coffee online at our online coffee shop.

Buy coffee online from a trusted source

A cup of gourmet coffee is pure enjoyment when you first wake or have enjoyed a meal and want to finish off the night; it’s worth every sip after the next and should be savored. This is why we are dedicated to providing our customers who buy coffee online from our store with only the best coffees and teas available at our gourmet coffee shop. Not only can you count on quality of product, but you can enjoy fresh roasted gourmet coffee that you can select what type of grind you want and enjoy it at home without the hassle of going to a store.

What you drink you enjoy and we want to provide the best quality coffee and tea online to you at prices that match our desire to bring better coffees to customers who appreciate quality and buy at prices that match our competitors if not beat them.

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What we consider Passion is why you buy coffee online

We have set out to change the expectations of gourmet coffee and those who enjoy it when you buy coffee online, and we are offering many types coffees from different regions of the world.

At Barista Coffees, Our idea is to provide you with the best quality at the right prices at our gourmet online coffee shop.
Feel free to drop by and tell your friends about us. If better coffees and teas are what the public wants, we want to show how good products are compared to those large operations that offer coffees and teas that are overpriced.

Just imagine when you buy coffee online and make the first cup

Just imagine. You are waking up and the only thing on your mind is how a wonderful cup of gourmet coffee sounds. Not only does coffee wake you from your slumber, it’s the sensation that you have once you take that first sip. At Barista Coffees, we know how it feel to drink that first cup and crave a second. Because, like you, we appreciate a great cup of java. From our Colombian Supremo to our Sumatra “Black Silk”, we know when you buy coffee online, it has to be great and we provide the best in the world to our customers. For you to find out how good our coffee is, you can buy coffee online today and your coffee or tea will be shipped to you at the peak of freshness and sealed instantly. The coffees and teas you receive from Barista Coffees are the highest quality and you can see that quality once you open the package you receive from us. Try for yourself and find out what you’ve been missing from those chain stores.

New products

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If ever there was a time to find coffee at affordable prices that comes from Yemen, Costa Rica, Bali or other exotic producers, this would be the time to really check out our selection and buy coffee online from us. Our coffees are equal to or exceed standards of quality. We’ve listened to our customers and continue to add more products and our prices are more affordable than the large chains like Starbuck’s and Green Mountain and when you buy your coffee online you expect quality with the price gouging. So, the next time you feel like paying for that Caramel Machiatto or the overpriced latte, think about what you could make at home and what kind of savings you will have without the high prices at Barista Coffees.

Our tea selection is amazing and you won’t regret taking a look for that tisane you keep trying to remember. The herbal teas we offer are not your standard fare and are also of the highest quality. Enjoy looking through the selection of chai teas or green teas. You’ll understand why we feel our quality and prices beat the competition.